Thursday, June 13, 2013

Midnight in the Dog's Home

I can't say I blame them for putting me in the home. I'd been pissing myself for a while but when I started falling over sober they'd probably had enough. I broke an arm and a hip in the same week, It's fair, it's not like I'd ever been the perfect Father or owt. Anyroad it's not turned out too bad. The foods alright. Reminds me of school dinners after rationing ended. I cadge the odd fag off Tony the male nurse and he'll sneak me in a bottle of Pale Cream when I slip him a tenner and a couple of tips for the fillies. Usually lasts me a couple of weeks now that I'm off the drink. What's ace is the old birds out number us 10 to 1 in here. Shot of their husbands and missing something I suppose. Probably nagged them to death if my lass was anything to go by. I wouldn't say they're gagging for it but I'm surprised how frisky they are for their age. It's been an eye-opener to be honest. Without their teeth in it's like a suckling baby. Another plus is I can shit myself with gay abandon and get a sponge bath off Maria if she's on shift. I swear she gave me a handjob that once but it could have been my old lad getting over excited. I've no complaints to be honest - perhaps I should have done this sooner.


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  1. To shit with gay abandon, that's what we all want.