Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Final Goodbye

I watch him from behind. His presence is so serene, like there is no care in this world. How I will live without him. He must’ve sensed me because he turns to look at his visitor. His feature is so composed but his eyes betray him. They show great sorrow.

‘Is it time already? I feel like only yesterday we’ve met and now...’ James’s remark saddens me but there is nothing I can do to fight destiny.

‘I have to go. I can’t live here. My soul doesn’t belong here. Not anymore. You, of all people should know that. If there’s something I could do to change our fate and destiny, I would. Unfortunately there isn’t.’

‘Bear it in mind that you have my heart. A heart is a hard thing to live without. I love you, Alex. I don’t think I will love someone ever again. Not like the way I love you.’

‘And you have mine. Never forget that. But I don’t want you to be lonely. My leaving is no excuse for you to close your heart from all the possibilities of loving someone else. I want you to be happy, even after I’ve gone.’

‘Goodbye, James. My love for you is eternal.’

I kiss him on the cheek with tears in my eyes and holes in my heart. I know I will never love anybody again.

With that, I reluctantly cross the line that separates my life and James’s eternally. I am dead and he is alive. Those two cannot mix, EVER.

Nadratul S

The Great Tower Heist

All through the trial Gordon wore his ironic smile. While being sentenced to thirty years behind bars, he stood ramrod straight, not batting an eyelid, and when he turned to go off with the guard, he shot one last fleeting glance behind him, looking out past the silent audience in the direction of the door. Somewhere, out past the door, either buried in plastic, garbage bags or stashed in false walls or hidden in cellars, there was over $75 million. Until that was found, Gordon knew, the police could never say that they had completely solved the Great Tower Heist.

Silvers Rayleigh