Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Food Encounter

"Have you got any steak and onion baguettes?"

"No.  Sorry.  Sold out pal."

"Ok, what about the chicken strips one?"

"No, all gone.  Only hot food I got is jacket tatties.  Hot fillings are chilli or baked beans.  Cold is tuna or cheese."

"What sort of chilli is it?"

"What sort! It's normal chilli."

"But what sort of chilli?  There's different types."

"Is there?  This is the same chilli I make every day and have been doing for 6 years."

"Ok.  Please can I have a tuna mayo baguette."

"Yeah, sure.  Anything else?"

"No thanks."

"That's £2.50 please."

"Ok, there you go.  Cheers.  See you later."

"Bye.  Take care."

Paul Jobson