Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fight Night

I remember, when I was a younger, I used to watch the boxing on TV with my old man all the time. Midweek fights with Jim Watt and Reg Guteridge commentating, Pat Cowdell giving his all, me and the old man camped in the living room with a box of Jaffa Cakes and pots of tea, Mam, long gone off to bed. A Saturday afternoon, European Championship fight, Kirkland Laing fighting in Italy.
"He'll need a knockout to get a draw over there, son." He was right. Jaffa Cakes, Tea, the curtains drawn Mam off somewhere. A big fight, Saturday night/Sunday Morning, live from Vegas, Hagler Mugabi, by Christ those two could bang. Jaffa Cakes, tea, Mam sound asleep.

My old man let me swear up a storm when we watched the boxing. I'd get a clip round the ear any other time. He was funny like that. I loved boxing. I loved my old man. I still do. I miss him, too. I still drink tea and eat Jaffa Cakes. I don't watch too much boxing anymore though, it's not the same.


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