Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Everybody knows a nutter, the village I lived in seemed to have one in every area. Mental Mick from Ponty road, wind him up and hope he doesn't catch you. Carl Geller from Churchfields, tried to strangle his mum with the outside bog chain. Trev Miles from Grimey, shoved a broomstick up some poor bastard's arse, and rode him round the back yard while punching him in the back of the neck.

Mostly tales regaled to younger, naive school mates.

One of the best was the properly 'tapped' older brother of a pair of mad arsed twins.

He used to work on reclaimed muck stacks, called a fitter out on an emergency call out on a bit of heavy machinery. Just so he could keep him pinned down with his Webley Vulcan; for three hours. He claimed he was bored.

The work experience lad ran off after Barmy Barry got annoyed with a noisy crow, while eating his snap in his Cortina Estate, and after winging it with a gat gun (which just made it rowdier), casually produced a home made machete and hacked it up.

Bi Polarity exemplified?

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