Monday, January 7, 2013

Barnsley to Bradford, via Flockton & Grange Moor.

Down Dodworth road, onto the M1, foot down for one junction, off at Haigh, the roundabout of despair, literally in the depression, ni mind, just a quick quarter of it.
Fly by Yorkshire Sculpture park, pushing 60. Slow down for West Bretton, 30 school, time it right so no brakes required. Bomb down to Denby Dale roundabout, two lane, quick thinking needed for minimum stoppage. Undertake the Audi, his eyes on the iPhone, first out. Chicken out of trying to outrun the accelerating truck. Patience now, not worth overtaking on the straight up to the Black Bull. Get the fucker on the New Hall prison dip.
Got in front, cutting the corners on the sweeps into Flockton, strict 30 all the way through the village, think of a spoof Twitter account for the Flockton lollipop lady, knows everyone, and no nonsense.
Watch out for the chancers from the two Emley blind junctions, cover your brakes, cover your brakes.
Glimpsed from West Bretton you can see it, not him, not her, it
Elmley moor TV mast, a constant from ever. Sometimes shining, sometimes dull. Cloud can obscure it, just a stump, or a spike and a foot.
Hundreds of times wanted to stop for photos, you can never do it justice.
Past Grange Moor now, looking heath, looking moorland, take a right turn if you want, you could be in the Yorkshire Dales.
But you're not, you can see the Pennine ridges of Marsden, Slaithwaite
But the best is to the East, glimpses over the tops of the drystone walls. Never been confirmed, but on the clearest of days you can make out the Wolds. Right over there between the power stations and the back of Leeds.
Eyes back on the road lad, luck will run out eventually.


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