Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fancy a trip to New York?

"Fancy a trip to New York?"
"Joe's playing in New York"
"New York? When ?"
"April, he's doing five nights"
"Fuck yeah"
"Been looking at flights. Cheap as fuck since 9/11, even cheaper if we get a connection"

A few minutes pass

"Right I've booked two flights, just need your credit card details. Buy mine and i'll pay you back"

Before I knew it, I'd just bought two tickets to New York City thanks to R'kid. That was just over ten years ago.
Strange how life pans out. I had no intentions of visiting America, let alone marrying a yank and living in New York, but that's exactly what happened.

He still owes me for his ticket.

Nick P

Joe is, of course, the late Joe Strummer.

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  1. loved it... great use of the format too.