Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Used To

I used to work in a hospital. I used to work in the boiler room. I used to love that job. I used to be on the overnights. I used to think it was the best job ever. I used to fill out all my reports as soon as I got there. I used to be done in 30 minutes. I used to watch TV until the small hours. I used to phone my girl. I used to whack off while she talked dirty to me. I used to get mad when a safety valve blew and the alarm would sound. I used to have to check it out. I used to have to reset everything  I used to fix up an old Harley in the shop. I used to love that bike. I used to watch porn on the computer. I used to sleep on the job. I used to get woken  by the alarm. I used to fix the safety valve with a G- clamp. I used to clamp the fucker shut good and tight.

I don't do that no more

One night I was awoken by a really loud bang the office  filled with steam, high pressure steam, you see they use high pressure steam in hospitals to sterilize everything 'cause you just can't do that with low pressure steam but you can with high pressure steam. See what no one ever told me when I took that fucking job was the boilers I was tending were, that they could explode and make a fucking mess. That's why the have safety valves; that's why they have alarms, but no one ever really told me that, I just got promoted from janitor one day. Anyway that one day, it was around 5 a.m., when I was awoken by a really loud bang, I made my way out of the office into the boiler room proper and the boiler wasn't there no more. It was in the car park.

I used to love Saturday nights. I used to be off every Saturday and I used to go bar hopping with my girl. I used to ride that old Harley of mine from bar to bar, my girl on the back. We used to get drunk and go back to my place and maybe get high or fuck or both.

I don't do that no more. I'm in jail.


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