Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucky Socks

Not sure if I’ve told you about my lucky socks before, I may have done, they grey with pink polka dots; I’ve had then about eight years.

Now these Lucky Socks are not to be abused because there is only a certain amount of luck contained within a pair of grey socks, there socks for gawd sake.

I only wear them when I really need a push in the right direction and I’m sure they’ve never let me down, the problem is that although my lucky socks are still lucky, they do look a little thread bare, now these socks are senior in sock years because as any god fearing person will know that for every 1 human year a sock lives for 6 ¾ sock years, thus making my lucky socks about 54 so my pair are struggling a little, not as easy to get out the washing machine, stuff like that

My point to this little story is that I’m looking at putting the lucky socks out to pasture, they’ve done there bit for me during there life, been through the trails and tribulation of my business and personal life but where is the luck going to come from to assist me in the daily grind of life? I hear you ask…

Luck isn’t something that you can gain from anything, if you find it in something it needs to be natured and honed into a lucky thing and I feel that my new red tie could be the new lucky thing, my Lucky Red Tie.

Things seem to go my way when I’m wearing it, not that it’s over for the lucky socks, and the tie can learn a lot from the socks, the tie is doing a Good Luck Apprenticeship so to speak…so there we have it, Lucky Socks

Stuart Everard

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