Monday, January 14, 2013



One hundred and eighty pounds. For one and a half hours. Two pounds a minute. Middle aged, not ugly, bit worn. Where did this start he wondered. Got the money side of things out if the way and remembered the first "blue" movie. In a pub, afternoon lock in, young guns and older harder cases holding their breath. Ten minutes ago, before the projector rolled they'd been noisy and boisterous. Now they watched a black girl ironing before a big white dude came through a window and fucked her. 
Blue movies, porn mags and then the Internet. Downloading pics on dial-up and then 3gig HD movies. Hard drive full of them. Then the websites, Adultwork, Escort Agencies. 
Been doing it now for a couple of years. Every four or five weeks when his wife was away for the weekend. 
She kissed him, bit raspy from her shaved top lip, led him to the bedroom and really got down to it. She was good, no doubt about it, experienced, up for anything, maybe the best he'd had. Better than the young, pretty agency girls. They were good but not experienced like this one. 
He asked if she'd ever done two guys together. I did nine once, she said. 
Pretty isn't everything he thought. 


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