Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Stood Still

It’s my birthday 36 today no big deal but the family are over for some food.
Not very often do I get to see both my sister and my dad and my auntie all in the same day but it was today.

Usual takeaway food nothing too special a few cards no beer im playing football tomorrow.
These Sunday mornings tend to be very much the same up at 7.30 bit of toast get me kit together and then my dad turns up and we are off.

Today will consist of the highs and lows of life we are off to Dishforth for a league game if you don’t know where that is check the map.

Magic 828 on the radio our passengers some fellow team mates always love it I just think they are still a bit drunk from last night but they sing along regardless.

So as the windsock comes into view I know we have arrived big orange thing blowing in the wind.

We got changed and headed out to warm up as normal then I get a shout from my dad he has to leave.

‘Where are you going? I asked ‘its your sister there is a problem back home’ he replied I have got to go.

The game passed me by I know we one but I couldn’t concentrate wondering what was wrong I did hit the bar but that’s pretty much it from me.

Once back to the dressing room my phone was full of missed calls and messages from my dad asking me to get back as soon as I could.

One of the lads agreed to drive me back and drop me at the Lawnswood where my dad was waiting.

Then he told me ‘its Kyle’ I thought there had been an accident.

There wasn’t an accident he had hung himself at work 20 years old I didn’t know what to say.

The day became a blur I went to visit him with my sister and family and he looked like he was at peace why did it happen we will never know.

I don’t really celebrate my birthday that much its just a reminder of what we don’t have anymore, 9th March is the date I don’t never look forward to.


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