Sunday, January 20, 2013

Urban Corpse

What the fuck is that? It looks like my Grandma, fuck there’s my Nan as well. Silhouetted, watching over me, concealing me. Fucking drugs… I mustn’t breath, they’ll hear me. They’re all around me with their fucking blag Maglites. Sticks cracking.
‘Can they hear that pounding?’
I’m fucking done for. Curl up tighter around the bottom of this tree. I can’t believe what’s happened. What happened?
“Wheels within wheels” the old Gypsy had told your Mam when she had touched your forehead when you were still wrapped in a shawl. Your Mam recounted the tale time and time again. It was easy to take the piss out of your Mam and laugh. Laugh at her naivety; her simplistic, believing nature, but what about the dream that had woken you up. Woken you up night after night. Nowhere to run, trapped. That feeling that had woken you up. Helplessness. That feeling that you have deep inside your belly; right now. Wheels within wheels. Your destiny. Fuck. What am I going to do? I’ve thrown everything away.
At least I can still run. Proper run. Everything for a reason. It felt like I was running for my life. I Was. My new life, which was due to start in just over 24 hours time. His heavy breathing behind me. Heavy footsteps. How close was he?
“Give it up lad”.
‘yeah, right ’.
Cheering, People spurring me on. Not one do-gooder emerged from the throng to rugby-tackle me to the ground. That’s why I love this town. Do-wrongers.
The look on J’s face When I looked across at him after being asked the question. He knew I was fucked. I am fucked. Play dead.
Paul B

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