Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Me?

Why me?  I haven’t seen her for two years at least, and that was only a quick hello in Sainsbury’s cheese aisle. She looked good though. Don’t get me wrong, it was long over – fairly bitter too at the time. Usual chit chat between ex partners – job, kids (respective that is, we never had any of our own.) Still, we had eight good years, September 1966 to September 1974 precisely – no music hall joke about the fact we were together for twenty from me. My fault we split. Stupid, selfish and self-centered. I strayed, once and drunk. Things could have been different. They need someone to identify the body. My number was on the back of my photo in her purse.

Dave Blackhurst


  1. nice stuff.. thanks for posting

  2. Good stuff. Life is shit, sometimes...

  3. Cleverly builds to a powerful ending. Excellent.