Monday, March 25, 2013

20 minute true story from Wales UK

Catrin and John met around Christmas 1989, a few months later they found themselves standing outside the office/fan club of rock band Queen in the Notting Hill area of London. As a long time member of the Queen Fan Club, it wasn't the first time that John had visited the club and had always had a great welcome from Jacky, who ran the venture.
This time John noticed a green Mercedes Benz about to be booked for illegal parking outside the office, when a young blonde lady appeared and promptly agreed to move the car, thus avoiding a penalty.
She jumped in the car and zoomed off. John thought the car belonged to Queed guitarist Brian May, so as the young lady returned by foot, he politely asked if Brian could sign an autograph for as they had travelled over 200 miles from South Wales to be there.
Astonishely the Queen employee offered for both to accompany her into the office and ask Brian themselves.
John boldly marched in without a care in the world whilst Catrin shyly followered with a rather blushed face, only to find the entire band sitting in a room engaged in a meeting with the production manager.
Completely 'star struct' they both were introduced to each member of the band who very politely responded by saying, "hello I'm Brian, John and Roger, but Freddie Mercury was recalled as introducing himself by saying "hello I'm Kim Bassenger, very pleased to meet you" prompting the whole room to laugh and the air of anticipation melted for Catrin & John. The band then engaged in a little small talk whilst they kindly signed their autographs on the rather outrageous "things to do today" headed notepad that John had recently purchased during a walk around Carnaby Street. This also prompted some innoendo by Mr Mercury who very sadly died just over a year later of AIDS. Powerful memories were firmly ingrained into the minds of both Catrin and John during that chance encounter, that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

John Lewis

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