Monday, July 22, 2013

The Van MEER Diamonds Part II

I am still aboard the old banana boat MV FFYEES and my new MI5 employers have gone ashore at the last port of call. Obeying my instructing to stay on board I looked around the cabin and was surprised to see that the small square parcel heavily wrapped was still sitting on the desk but now alongside it the fat envelope was open and stuffed with Dutch Guilders and a note telling me to go to112 Proveniersstraat and to be there at 2.30 pm. but under no circumstances to open the parcel. The boat arrived at Rotterdam and never having been before I obtained a map and cycled off to find my destination. 112 Proveniersstraat was a long street with old terraced Victorian type houses beside a canal. I located 112 but as it was only 2 pm. did not enter. Having had nothing to eat I made my way to a cafĂ© on the other side of the canal and sat down outside. Looking across I had a good view of 112. About 2.15 a black car arrived and a tall man went up the 5 or 6 steps into the building. As it was getting near to 2.30 I finished my meal ready to cross the canal when I saw the same man hurry down the steps and was driven away. Parking my bike I went up the steps the door was open and as no one answered my call in I went  To my surprise sitting behind the desk was my employer but this time with a bullet hole in his head and the office had been turned upside down.


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  1. are you gonna write more? its really awesome. loved it.