Friday, November 1, 2013

The Final Goodbye - Prequel

'Riley, you gotta help me.' I said to Riley as I got in touch with her after so many attempts trying to find her. I was at her house, finally able to find her after a week of MIA.

Riley is my best friend who is also a witch.

'You know you can't interfere with Fate. I can't help you.' She said with sorrow in her voice, obviously sad about James dying.

'There's a way. You know there's a way.'

'There is but it's too dangerous for me to do it. It'll also bring harm to you.' As Riley said those words, I knew there was something bitter about them. Maybe she has experience, although she never mentioned any of this to me.

'I don't care. I just want James back.' I let out a bitter cry. I loves James. If it weren't not for me, James would still be alive now. If it weren't not for me, James wouldn't be in the accident in the first place.

James was involved in a car accident when trying to get me the dress at the boutique - the dress i desperately needed to wear for the gala the following day. If I hadn't asked him to pick it up, he wouldn't have been in an accident.

'Are you sure, Alex? You know you could die If i do it, are you willing to leave James?'

'It's better than him leaving me. I can't stand the idea of losing him.'

'Alright, if you say so.'

'Come in, follow me, if you want to do it. I need to gather some stuff for this.' Riley brought me to her living room while she grabbed the things she needed to perform the spell.

'Alright, I'm ready, let's get started.' She began the spell and moments later i collapsed. Riley looked exhausted when I awoke.

'Is it done? Am I a ghost now?' The answer was obvious as I could see my body looking so peaceful and serene laid on the couch of her living room.

'Can I visit James for a second before he wakes up? I know that it takes some times for him to regain his consciousness, let me visit him in his dream. This is my last wish then I will rest peacefully on the other side'.

'I can arrange that.' Riley said above her weariness.

'Oh, Riley! Can I ask you another favour? I want you to tell my family that you found me on your doorstep this morning already cold and tell them how much i love them'.

Nadratul S

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