Saturday, November 29, 2014


She rushed to the door. Her tiny feet like pitter patter on the wooden floor. The door swung open. She launched into the air. But landed in arms not of her father

It was Sara's day. She had the best surprise birthday breakfast. Long phone calls with favourite aunts made her day. Suddenly they were all leaving. Her worried expression was replaced with joy when a surprise was promised

The stern looking police man helped her stand on her shaking legs. She tried to listen to the whispers but only heard her baby sitter's sobs. 

She shook her mama but she did not open her eyes, she screamed at her brother but he did not shout back. She poked her baba but he did not laugh. 

The driver with cuts on his arms looked at her struggle and went away, failed in his quest of forgiveness not only from the little girl but himself

Tired she closed her eyes. Wishing foolishly it was just a nightmare. But who says nightmare can not be true.


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