Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How I Met your Father

That lad over there, the one drinking on his own.
I've seen him round, he's good looking alright but he's a quiet one.
Maybe he's just shy?
Maybe. I see him with that crowd all the time, you know, the lads who go into town but he doesn't seem to much.
He used to walk past the shop every Saturday, I'd see him same time every week. He always looked lovely. 
I never seen you like this before. Another drink?
Yeah, thanks.
You should go talk to him.
I'd die.
You're too used to lads chasing you that's your problem.
You're a good looking girl, like myself. Hahahaha...
You're mad.
I'm right though. Lads have fallen over you since we were in middle school and you never cared.
Stop it.
Now you've got one who doesn't even notice you. Maybe he's gay?
He is not!
How do you know?
I just do.
Is he with anyone? 
No, I don't think so.
Don't you think that's odd, on a Friday? How old do you think he is?
He's 20.
How do you know?
I asked Clare, she went to school with his sister.
I'm going to talk to him.
No don't! Please don't.... You bitch.

Hiya, buy us a drink?
I'm Sarah, me and my friend we just saw you standing here and thought you shouldn't be drinking alone. No one else is. You meeting someone?
Erm, no, no. I just like a pint on my own once in a while. Where's your friend then?
I'll bring her over. You gonna buy us a drink then?
Sure, why not?

What'd you do that for? What'd you say?
Come on. He's buying us a drink. 

Alright ladies, Drinks?

She wants to ask you why you always drink alone.
I do not. I'm sorry, I don't... It's her, she's mad.
Aha, I er, I really don't just sometimes but erm, I guess my mates are all in town and...
I see you with that gang sometimes,
Pauline. My name's Pauline.
Alright. Nice to meet you Pauline.
You too. I see you around sometimes. You walk past the shop I work in most Saturdays around five. All the women in there think you're adorable.
They do? Have you got any numbers?
She thinks you're adorable too.
I do...
Well thanks, thanks a lot. She's very beautiful herself. You both are.
See, I knew he'd like you.

Pauline J

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