Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He took the fork in the road marked Internal Departures and I paused a moment then said to him "Did you see that sign?  International departures is the other way." 

He said "Reluctant Trevor explained to me a while ago that whichever road you take, it brings you out at the same place."  I just smiled. 

Five minutes later I clipped him playfully on the jaw, because we don't do the new lads hugging stuff very much, certainly not when we're parting for what would be, I'd reckon, the fifth from last time ever.  I haven't seen him since. 

When I got home there was an email waiting, which read - Remember when we were driving through Sydney and I turned the tape down and gave you that story about the original Campos coffee place and how it's grown since and we passed that theatre where I told you about the time me and Alison and Trevor and his missus once went?  After you'd got out of the car, I turned the tape back up, just as Ian Curtis sang 'Abandoned too soon.  Set down with due care'  And I thought about how you had indeed left too soon and been set down with due care. –

So I sent him an email back saying – Yeah well Australia’s very fucking expensive and you being a careful driver doesn’t make it any cheaper -

Martin C.


  1. got the hang of this now..
    however i forgot what i was going to say..
    nah, its gone.

  2. do you think you are allowed a twenty minute comment?