Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In The Frame.

The mobile went at exactly the same time as the knock at the door.
The phone was nearer so that got priority.
Brother. Just had the police round. Why? They’re asking about your car. Why? I don’t know.
I’ll ring you back.
Car still registered at his address. Why are they ringing?
Downstairs. Answer door. Two police officers. Where is your car? See gap in front of hosue where car was. Not where I left it I say.
It’s about 3am so I’m not really with it.
In they come. Where have I been? Working in London. Have I been drinking? Why I ask. I’m a lawyer, I’m suspicious and a touch defensive by nature.
Your car has been in an accident. They’re watching me. Closely. Too closely. But they’re not accusing me. They’re not even suggesting.
Who else lives here? The fiancĂ©. Where is she? I’m not sure. I know, I know. Not good.
I think she may be in bed. It was her Hen Night. I’d said sleep in the attic so you don’t wake me, you’ll be really, really drunk.
I didn’t look on my way down.
She was there.
And no, she couldn’t remember whether the car was there when the taxi dropped her off.
And she really, really loves me.
Ok love. Have to go, two traffic officers in the kitchen.
They’re off. We’ll have to look into it.
They didn’t breathalyse. Good. Wouldn’t have mattered if they did. I’d not had much and, more importantly, hadn’t driven that day (train and taxis).

I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I ring. They ‘have a look’. There’s ‘more to this’. They’ll be in touch.

I wait.

And worry.

They come and take a statement. They tell me the car was in an accident just up the road. Bad accident. Whoever was driving got away.
Good, I think. I’ve no injuries. I make him make a note of that.

They go away (I’d changed the statement significantly from his ‘draft’, he didn’t write what I’d actually said).

And we wait. And they ask for DNA. Why say I? I’m not a suspect am I?

They want the name of cab firm the other half used. Why say I? She’s not a suspect is she?
I worry.

A lot.

They ring again. More questions. Matters to ‘clarify’.

I worry.

A lot.

I ring. I’m not happy. I want them to say what I know they’re thinking. They won’t. I push. They dodge. I push some more. They duck. I really push. They dive.

They ring back.
They have someone in custody. His DNA is all over the airbag in the car. He has injuries. Around his nose and eyes.
He has form.


Am I okay? Do I need victim support? Would I like to be kept informed of progress?
Will I please not make a formal complaint?

In the frame. However brief. Not pleasant. 


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