Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Lady And The Bird...

She comes out of the plane, "It's ok Jane, it's ok." is what she reassures herself with.
Out through immigration, passing with a breeze and through to the luggage carousel.

"Where is it?! WHERE IS IT?!" screams in her head, panic erupting in waves like volcanoes.

A familiar blue luggage bag in pristine quality is thrown onto the carousel roughly. The one with the red and green tag.
Round and around and around it went until it arrived at the lady's feet...
And out she goes.

Tourists like herself stare at her as she
walks out the doors, bag being pulled just behind. Peculiar, it seemed to them. And, yes. Indeed that briefcase was.

That briefcase had previously stowed away live birds, all shapes and sizes. Cockatoos to rainbow lorrikeets, all ending up alive in the end. It was a briefcase that had endured everything, pain and hardship as of a human. But still, to her, it seemed downright normal for her.

She rushed out, needing to get to her point of destination. She was holding, in her briefcase, the world's very first mutant bird. A miniature peacock crossed with a crow. For the first few days in her custody, it had
stared at her, those beady eyes clawing their way to her soul. 
Fond of the bird, you Say?
Yes. She was.
She stopped for a moment to check if it was still alive, opening the bag to a 'CACAW!'

"Your taxi is here ma'am, where to?"
The rush of the airport closed around her, encasing her thoughts and movements.
You know why? Because she had no idea where she was going!

She was lost in Papua New Guinea. With a mutant bird!

"Great job, Ali!" she muttered to herself.


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